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Here's How To Order Pizza With Your Chevy

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It's as easy as (pizza) pie!

We've entered an era where our cars are capable of doing much more than simply driving us around town and road trips; they are computers that can help manage our daily lives. Take it for what it is, but this also opens up a seemingly endless amount of conveniences, like ordering pizza without even using your phone. Chevrolet and Domino's Pizza have just announced that drivers can now order a pizza from their in-vehicle touchscreen. Want carryout? Prefer delivery? Extra mushrooms? It's all possible now from behind the wheel.

Domino's has become the latest merchant added to the Chevrolet Marketplace commerce platform, which is available in select models. Ordering a pizza with this method is quite simple. All customers have to do is open Marketplace on their vehicle's touchscreen and within just a few taps can place a saved order or a recent order from their Domino's Pizza Profile.

Basically, the system already knows what kind of pie you like, so why bother placing the order by phone? It also needs to be pointed out that Chevrolet Marketplace works independently of the driver's smartphone or tablet, thus making this the first embedded pizza-ordering option in any new vehicle. To place an order via Marketplace, users will need to first set up a free Pizza Profile with Domino's. This can be done online or through the app.

The profile will contain basic information such as preferred delivery address, payment method, and preferred pizza and toppings. Domino's is now the first pizza restaurant to be offered on this platform, which debuted in 2017.

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"Domino's has offered pizza lovers innovative ordering and delivery options for years. At the same time, Chevrolet put technologies in place that allows us to add capabilities to vehicles already on the road, like the ability for our drivers to order pizza through the touchscreen," said Scott Goddard, Marketplace line of business leader for Chevrolet. "This new in-vehicle solution is a natural collaboration that both Chevy drivers and pizza connoisseurs can enjoy."

Ordering a pizza from your Chevy? The old slogan now ought to be "Hot dogs, apple pie, pizza, and Chevrolet."