Here's How To Ship A Hypercar That's Worth More Than Your City

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One clue: very carefully.

No one in their right mind would be willing to take any chances with something as valuable and special as a Pagani Zonda Roadster F. After all, just 25 examples were built. Obviously this is something you're going to want to drive, but not necessarily on a long road trip. Reason being is that owners may opt for other forms of luxury transport, such as their yachts and private jets. But they'll also want their wheels to be waiting once they arrive. So what's a hypercar owner to do? Call these guys. Kurbads is not exactly a normal car transport company.

It transports supercars and hypercars throughout Europe and the world, often times directly from the manufacturer itself to the owner. They take care of the car as if it were their own. Just watching this Zonda F being loaded onto the truck is pretty mesmerizing.

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