Here's How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery Using Only Rope

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Don't try this at home.

It's a bit hard to imagine a situation that you'd ever need to use a rope and a jack to start a car, but hey, it's hard to predict when the unfortunate circumstances of life will strike. To be prepared in case the worst happens, our new life hack presenter Denny from the YouTube channel Shake The Future shows us an interesting way to start a car when there's not a jumper cable or good samaritan in sight. It's the same trick we've seen before but this time with instructions.

Essentially, it takes the same principal of pushing or pulling the car while in gear to crank the engine and get it to start, but applies it in a different manner. Also, before you watch, make sure not to try this at home.

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The reason why is that there are various safety variables that our talented host forgets to mention. First is that ideally, you would safely jack both of the drive wheels so that the car wouldn't roll away once started (unless you have an open differential). The other disclaimers have less to do with safety and more to do with practicality. One of these is the fact that unfortunately for most, this technique only works on cars with a manual transmission, which is all the more reason to ditch the slush box. Next is that ideally, you'd use this trick on an engine with small displacement unless you're He-Man. Good luck and let's hope you never have to use this unorthodox life hack.

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