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Here's How To Win A Free C8 Corvette

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Yeah, that's right. Free.

Who wouldn't want to get a new C8 Chevrolet Corvette for free, right? Well, here's how. The National Corvette Museum currently has a raffle where the winner gets a C8 build slot to build their own new Vette. If for whatever reason they opt not to, they'll get $55,000 instead. Does this mean the new C8 will carry a base price of $55 grand? Previous rumors claimed a starting price closer to $65,000. We'll hopefully find out for sure on July 18 when the C8 is finally revealed in Southern California.

But if you want to get in on this raffle, you'd better act fast. Only 1,500 tickets are available and, as of this writing, 1,302 have been sold at a price of $250 each. It does sound kind of expensive but, then again, whoever wins can say they paid only $250 for a C8.

Not 100 percent free, but close enough. The National Corvette Museum in Kentucky will raffle this build slot on August 30 as part of its 30th-anniversary celebrations. There's also another C8 raffle taking place as well, this time for VIN 25, on August 31. However, the winner will not be able to customize their C8, which they can for the first raffle. Also, the VIN 25 raffle is much harder to win because tickets cost only $25 a pop and there's an unlimited number available.

If we were to enter, we'd buy a ticket for each because why the hell not. Your chances are somewhat more realistic for the custom built C8, and they're equally as bad as everyone else for VIN 25. We expect the C8 to launch with an upgraded 6.2-liter L1 V8, the same engine found in the C7, though horsepower will increase to around 500.

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Further down the line, Chevrolet will launch the usual round of C8 variants, and that's when things will get very interesting. The C8 was designed and engineered from the get-go to accommodate electrification, meaning there'll be electric motors added eventually. A new twin-turbo V8 is also rumored to be in development and the combined output total – with electrification – could very well hit 800 hp to 1,000 hp. The Corvette is about to become a world-class supercar.