Here's How To Win A Free Mercedes C43 AMG During The Superbowl

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Unfortunately, if you try to win, you probably won't be able to watch the game.

Opportunities to win a free car don't come up very often. Especially not when the car in question is a brand-new Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe. Some people mock the C43 because it isn't a true AMG car. The C43 may not have a hand-built engine like a full-fledged AMG model, but it still looks and sounds fantastic. Either way, we wouldn't mind being handed the keys to a C43, which starts at just under $56,000. During the Superbowl, Mercedes will give everyone a chance to win this car by playing a new variation on a classic free car giveaway game.

Mercedes is calling the giveaway the "Last Fan Standing" competition. This will be a digital variation on the classic game of keep your hand on the car. In the original game, people who were interested in winning the car would meet up and each place a hand on the car. The rules were simple, the last person who had a hand on the car got to take it home.

Since this is 2018, Mercedes had to find a way to include more people in this game. In this digital version of the game, players will have to keep their finger on the virtual C43. This sounds easy enough, but this C43 will be moving around the screen. A live counter will show how many people still have a finger on the car and the game will get progressively more difficult as time goes on. You can sign up at to train for the challenge, invite friends to play, and even read tips on how to win such as what to do during bathroom breaks. Playing this game may make it hard to watch the Superbowl, but it may be worth it for a free Mercedes.


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