Here's How You Can Get A FREE Ride In A McLaren P1


All you need to do is open your phone.

National Geographic has teamed up with Uber to promote its new show "Breakthrough" by driving passengers in hybrid cars of all sorts through New York City for free. Uber users simply need to type in the promo code "BREAKTHROUGH." The transportation network company will respond by sending over a BMW i8, a Tesla Model S, different solar-powered vehicles, a biodiesel Porsche Cayenne or, if you're lucky, a McLaren P1. We'd definitely cancel a ton of rides until the P1 showed up.

Who could turn down a own 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 monster good for 903 horsepower? No one. Anyway, "Breakthrough" is a show about "real-time scientific discovery" and the best way to get New Yorkers into the trend of cutting-edge technology is through high-tech cars. We can't imagine how an Uber user would react if a McLaren P1 or a BMW i8 decides to pick him or her up when the user was expecting a Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf. If you're in New York right now, Uber yourself to wherever using the code as long as you're in Manhattan below 59th Street. You might just be able to ride in a McLaren P1. Note that the promotion runs until October 30 between noon and 7 pm.

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