Here's How You Can Own A One-Off Bentley Continental For Under $16,000


That's not a typo, you really can own a "limited edition" Bentley Continental GT3 for the price of a Scion iA.

Scanning the classifieds for unusualcars can be a great way to waste time at the office, and also dig up somepretty strange cars. This one that popped up from Autoweek hails from Holland, and if you reallywant to own a one-off Bentley Continental GT3, we’re sure plans could be madeto bring it Stateside. Of course there's a catch to such a cheap Bentley, and in this case it's because the Bentley isn't a Bentley in any way, shape or form. OK, scratch that - only in shape.

What you're looking at here is aToyota Supra, if you can believe that, a very cleverly disguised one. Thedimensions seem right from the pics, but the wheels are the first telltale signthat things are not as they should be. The underpinnings and interior are froma 1992, 4-speed automatic 3.0-liter Supra with just 77,000 miles on the odo. Weassume this is a modified engine setup because the advert claims a 0-60 mph dash of5.1 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. The suspension anddamping are adjustable thanks to a full Tein setup, so in theory the"Bentley" should handle pretty well, possibly better than an normalBentley but not the GT3 version.

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There's no information as to what the bodywork is made from, but we're guessing it's fiberglass thanks to the sale price being so low. It does have original Bentley LED taillights and projection headlights along with all the right livery in all the right places. It would be a fun car to drive as a laugh, but there's just something that feels wrong about using fake things, especially when they're fakes of famous brands. It's not the worst faux Bentley we've seen, but we're still on the fence with this one. It's interesting and done well, but we wouldn't want it parked in our garage.