Here's How You Create A One-Off Supercar In Under 5 Minutes

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If you want to drive a 645-horsepower rainbow supercar that's your prerogative.

We first reported Dodge's new customization program for the Viper GTC (a custom GT) way back in January. Now the configurator is live, which means that a ton of Viper one-offs can start rolling off the line. For those who missed the news the first time around, Dodge has created a Viper configurator with a seemingly endless list of options, including 8,000 paint colors, 10 wheel options and six different aero packages. There are said to be 25 million different combinations.

Configurators are nothing new, but what makes the GTC program so cool is that once a car is created the combination can never be repeated. This means that every GTC will be a one-off. What's even cooler is that the GTC sells for the same price as the GT, a cool $94,995. This means that only the truly lazy (and not rich) won't own a one-off Viper.

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