Here's Jeremy Clarkson Post-Brexit Advice For All Those In Despair

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It's pure Clarkson.

It's been done and, according to soon-to-be former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, there's no going back; the UK is officially set to leave the EU. Just before the referendum vote, Jeremy Clarkson and James May posted a video claiming their support for "Remain." Neither of them, as well as their co-host Richard Hammond, want to spend more money filming in the EU because their country is no longer a member. But that's apparently going to happen now. Will the triumphant "Leave" result somehow screw over their new show, "The Grand Tour"?

Probably not. It's got Amazon funding. Their former gig, Top Gear, however, might have some future filming problems because, obviously, it's aired on the BBC. But that's an issue for another time. So what's Clarkson saying now on Twitter about the voting result? It's pure Clarkson: "Right. We should have 24 hours of despair and moaning, and then we will all have to roll up our sleeves and make this shit shower work." Words of wisdom right there.

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