Here's Jeremy Clarkson's Full Review Of The Insane Aston Martin Vulcan

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Jezza + 800 hp = first class entertainment.

The second episode of The Grand Tour featured the one and only Aston Martin Vulcan, the track-only, V12-powered limited edition beast. Only 24 examples were built, but it came as no surprise that Clarkson was given wheel time for the new show, which is currently shooting its second season. We're sure plenty of you caught the second episode of this first season, whether you subscribe to Amazon Prime or not. There are "other ways" (we won't specifically mention how) that you can watch the show if you're not a subscriber.

Fortunately, The Grand Tour's official YouTube channel has just posted Clarkson's entire Aston Martin Vulcan review, which is longer than the aired version. Clarkson is typical Clarkson, with statements like "Not going to say it's like being attacked by a bear, it isn't. But it is like being in a room with a bear that is thinking of attacking you."

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With its 1.8 million GBP price tag and 800 hp courtesy of that 7.0-liter V12, the Vulcan blasts from 0-60 mph in no more than 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 224 mph. We also think Jezza best sums up the Vulcan like this: "What I love most of all, it's not a test bed for what cars will be like in the future. It's a celebration of what they were like in the past. What it is, is old time rock and roll." So well said.

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