Here's More Of The Elegant Badass Mercedes Should Do More Of


This is what we want and so should you.

As we've said before, Mercedes absolutely killed it at Frankfurt earlier this month. As it continues to move away from its conservative, somewhat stodgy image, it's taking some interesting chances with its design language. We couldn't be happier. For example, we loved the SLS AMG when it launched back in 2010, but its AMG GT replacement is an achingly gorgeous vehicle that hit the ball out of the park and smack dab into a parked BMW's windshield.

Point being, Mercedes design is on a roll, and the IAA Concept is additional evidence. Could it be a preview of the next CLS? Perhaps, and we're betting on this, a preview of a Tesla Model S fighter? Time will tell, but for now rendering artist Theophilus Chin cooked up this pair of images of what that concept could look like in production form. This one needs to happen.

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