Here's Nothing But 20 Minutes Of Supercars Sounding Awesome


More of these types of rallies need to happen.

It’s called the Spring Event Weeze, and it takes place annually in Germany at the Weeze Airport. The whole point of the event is for supercar and exotic car owners to gather and share their passion. As for the rest of us who can’t afford this level of automotive investment? Well, you can bring a camera and camcorder and film the entire darn thing. Thanks to Automotive Mike, that’s exactly what was done.

Instead of spending the entire time roaming around the parking lot while all of those cars are at a standstill, the camera was stationed at the exit. Patience has its virtues.

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As the participants left in their cars, a fantastic display of burnouts and powerslides ensued. Ferraris. Lamborghinis. McLarens. BMW M. Mercedes-AMG. They’re all there. So kick back. Relax. Put on your best quality headphones and enjoy the audio and visual automotive show.