Here’s One Of The Perks Of Buying A $2.3 Million Track-Only Supercar

Track Car

It’s good to be rich.

Owners that are lucky and wealthy enough to get into an Aston Martin Vulcan will get to explore its incredible capabilities on a track and, as it turns out, get world-class tutoring from some of the best racing drivers around. Only 24 Vulcans were built, all of which had a price tag of roughly $2.3 million. That may be a lot of money for the everyday enthusiast, but these uber-rich owners were just given driving lessons on Abu Dhabi’s Formula One track. Yes, we’re extremely jealous too. Yes, that seems like a pretty damn good deal.

Every Vulcan owner will be given the opportunity to be coached in their own supercar as a part of a two-year driver experience program, which will be held at the Abu Dhabi Formula One circuit. The first batch of Vulcan owners took to the track under the guidance of Aston Martin Racing Works’ driver Darren Turner. The track lessons started with an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, which was followed by a stint in a Vantage GT4 race car. After that, Vulcan owners were able to tackle Yas Marina with passenger-side instruction on every lap. That sounds like an incredible time.

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According to Turner, “The priority of all of us on the team was to produce a car that provides immense enjoyment for the customers. Judging by the reactions we have seen this week, that goal has been achieved and surpassed.” Vulcan owners were even let loose on the track at night to experience the effect of different atmospheric conditions on the supercars. Aston Martin plans to “train” every Vulcan owner in the same fashion. Does this driving experience justify the Vulcan’s $2.3 million price tag?