Here's Our Best Indicator Yet The Toyota Supra Name Is Being Revived

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The world may soon become a better place.

A couple of years ago, Toyota trademarked the Supra name in the US. That didn't necessarily mean the automaker was dead set on reviving the name, but also so that it couldn't be used by any competitor. With development likely heading into the final phases of the joint BMW-Toyota sports car project, it's apparently time for both automakers to finalize the respective names for their version of the car. For its part, BMW will likely go with either the Z4 or Z5.

Toyota, however, has widely been expected to revive a great name from its past: Supra. And today new information has come to light indicating the Supra name's return. First reported by and Motor1, Toyota filed a trademark application on June 3rd with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Combined with its already established US trademark, it seems pretty clear Supra is the chosen name. Exact technical aspects for both cars have been kept under wraps, though we've seen spy shots of the BMW during cold weather testing. We can't think of a more appropriate name for Toyota's new sports car, especially if it'll look anything like that epic FT-1 Concept. Expect both cars to be revealed sometime later next year.

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