Here's Our First Look At The Mercedes-Maybach SUV Concept

Beijing Motor Show

Like what you see? It'll debut in China next week.

Not at all surprisingly, the next vehicle from uber luxury brand Mercedes-Maybach will be an SUV. Therefore, it makes complete sense to preview the eventual production version with a concept, and that’s just what Mercedes-Maybach has planned for the Beijing Motor Show later this month. The German luxury automaker has just released a brief Facebook video and some images (shown here) of the new concept SUV’s interior.

Clearly the attention to detail is second to none, as it should be because the eventual production version will be going head to head against the likes of the also upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan and today’s Bentley Bentayga. While Mercedes-Maybach’s current offerings, consisting of S-Class and S650 Pullman are nice and all, they’re a bit underwhelming compared to some of the competition. The last SUV that came from the brand was the G650 Maybach Landaulet, one of the last variants of the original generation G-Class wagon. Will the new SUV be based off the all-new G-Class? We honestly don’t know just yet, but we’ll find out very soon.

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Chances are the production version of the concept SUV is already done and ready to go because it’ll supposedly have its official debut next November at the LA Auto Show. We’ll have more details regarding this month’s SUV concept, so stay tuned.