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Here's Our First Look At The Next Range Rover Evoque (Kind Of)

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The big debut will take place on November 22 in London, of course.

The original Range Rover Evoque debuted back in 2010 and became an immediate hit. Nearly a decade later, it's almost time for the second generation Evoque to arrive and Land Rover is working to create a buzz ahead of its London premiere on November 22. Land Rover also tells us the order books will open that day as well.

The UK automaker is not revealing official photos just yet, though we've seen spy shots of prototypes, so we know its basic design won't be dramatically different from that of the outgoing model. From certain angles, it almost looks as if there are some Velar design cues, and we have zero complaints regarding that.

What we can show you today are these images of wire form sculptures inspired by the new Evoque. These are actually full-scale sculptures placed in different locations throughout the British capital. Four of them are located around Kensington and Chelsea, each finished in unique shades of copper, red and blue. Those who designed the new Evoque also penned these sculptures, which showcase the distinctive fast roofline and rising waistline.

"The wire forms have been created to preview the new Evoque – which is the embodiment of Range Rover's modernist design approach," said Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern. "Where better to put these bespoke installations on display than in the heart of London – one of the greatest cities in the world."

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Since the original's launch, Land Rover has sold over 750,000 Evoques in more than 225 countries. Given that, it was vital not to mess too much with a winning formula. Chances are, the three-door Evoque will remain dead and buried, as it was discontinued in the US only for 2018. Will it return for the next-gen model outside of the US? Will there be a second gen convertible as well? We'll get some answers later this month.