Here's Proof Alfa Romeo Can Build A Stunning Car That Won't Make You Cry

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Tears of sadness, that is.

Alfa Romeo has long had a reputation for building truly emotional cars that, sadly enough, were borderline pieces of junk. In short, they looked fantastic inside and out but would break down. Constantly. Call old school Alfa ownership something of a heartbreaking experience. But things are different today, or so Alfa hopes. In all honesty, it's fair to say Alfa is a much better automaker in terms of quality than it ever was before, and perhaps the best evidence for this is the 4C. This is one car Alfa needs to succeed and prove the critics wrong.

It's emotional, a true driver's car, and, let's all hope, reliable. Our friends at XCAR recently got behind the wheel for a test spin of the supposedly less safe and lighter Euro-spec model. Is the 4C the Alfa we've been waiting for, or is it just another heartbreaker?

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