Here's Proof Chevrolet Will Soon Unleash The 750-HP Corvette ZR1

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Set to be unveiled at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

After months of spotting the high-performance Vette out testing in various locales, we have finally captured the 2018 Chevy Corvette ZR1 stripped of all the heavy camo. Free of all the heavy black cladding, we can now see an aggressive aerodynamics package, complete with massive rear wing, on the full production prototype. A new hood appears to have a rather large bulge as well as a pair of vents, indicating a nice fat supercharger might be lurking beneath it.

A monster front splitter, bookended by vertical winglets, sits menacingly below the new front fascia that's dominated by a trio of gaping air intakes, while we can also see red and blue brake calipers, new fender vents and large rocker panels. Other ZR1 prototypes we managed to spy feature a more subdued rear wing, suggesting the new ZR1 will be offered with various aerodynamic options. The various data acquisition and testing equipment visible through the rear windshield points to Chevy making some significant changes to the new car. What engine will sit beneath power dome hood remains unclear but we have a couple of ideas.

An updated version of the 6.2-liter V8 LT4 from the Z06 featuring a larger supercharger for an output of beyond 700 horsepower is the likely candidate, but Chevy's all-new LT5 twin-turbo V8 set to debut in the new mid-engined C8 is another possibility. The range-topping and final variant of the C7 before it retires – and what will almost certainly be the last ever front-engined Vette – is tipped to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

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