Here's Proof That 4WD Isn't Always A Guarantee From An Off-Road Fail

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Careful where you're driving there.

So you've got an SUV with four-wheel-drive. That's cool, and you think it can go anywhere and handle any type of road conditions. Of course that's what the dealership brochure tells you, but reality and Mother Nature often times have different plans. Need an example? The driver of this Mercedes-Benz GL thought he too could go anywhere, including the beach. One thing he forgot about is high tide. This happened on Fraser Island, off the southern coast of Queensland, Australia.

The driver parked too close to the water and when high tide came in, well, his SUV sank into the sand. The waves continued to batter it until it could be pulled from the water. And now it's been declared totaled, and many speculate the main problem here was unsuitable tires. What do you all think? Hat tip to Timothy!

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