Here's Proof That Flying Cars Are An Absolutely Terrible Idea

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Did a bird get in the way?

Yeah, this is a surprise: a flying car has crash landed just like airplanes unfortunately do sometimes. Despite being the year 2015 and the hover conversions done to cars in the fictional 2015 of "Back to the Future Part II" don't and likely never will exist in the near future, people are still trying to make flying cars feasible. They are, more or less, small airplanes that are narrow enough to fit on a highway. But back to that whole crash thing: the images you're looking at show the crashed AeroMobil after a test flight near the Slovakian city of Nitra.

Its inventor and pilot/driver, Stefan Klein, managed to bail out and parachute to safety without injury. His invention? The 6 meter-long by 8.32 meter-wide flying car prototype that reportedly suffered minor damage. It's powered by a four-cylinder engine with a top land speed of about 100 mph. Up in the air it can reach 124 mph and can travel 545 miles on a single tank of gas. An associate of Klein said the crash would have been much worse if it had hit concrete. And yes, production is slated to begin in 2017. We'll stick to cars that always remain on the ground. Photos courtesy of

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