Here's Proof That Millennials Love To Drive And Big Oil Is Absolutely Thrilled

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Driving culture ain't dead yet.

There's been lots of talk over the past few years regarding the attitudes Millennials have towards cars and driving in general. The generation born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s is known to be more interested in smart phones, tablets, and social media than their rides. In fact, it's often assumed that this generation prefers to use public transport. That's not entirely true, as we've learned from recent studies. But what's also quite interesting is this new report, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

According to AAA, because gas prices in the US have decreased by $1-a-gallon over the past year, drivers under age 35 are twice as likely to drive more than those over 35. Specifically, AAA noted that 13 percent of "drivers aged 18-34 have reported driving more because of the drop in gas prices, compared to 10 percent of people over the age of 35." What's more, six in 10 Americans claim they're now more likely to go on a road trip at least 50 miles from home right now specifically because of cheaper gas. Millennials are more than likely to do this than those over 35. Big Oil companies once thought Millennials translated to bad business. Turns out they were wrong, much to their delight.

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