Here's Proof That The Lamborghini Gallardo Really Can Do Anything

Showing its gro$ power to some very surprised Canadians.

Afteryears of production, you may have thought you'd seen allthe blue-blood supercar abilities of the Lamborghini Gallardo. However, likemost royalty, watching a Lambo get down and dirty with DIY jobs is notsomething you expect to see every day. Even in Canada. But as part of the promotion for a homeimprovement series called "Des rénos qui rapportent gro$" (whichtranslates to something like 'very costly renovations'), this Gallardo was loaded up with wooden planks, hooked up to a trailer and paraded through the streets of Montreal.

Checkout this video to witness the Gallardo's "towing power" and the shocked reactionsof Montreal residents:

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