Here's Proof The Jaguar I-Pace Has What It Takes To Kill Off The Model X

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For one, it won't cost six figures.

For the last five years, Tesla has dominated the electric car market by proving to the world that luxury, style, a usable range, zero emissions, and moderate affordability could exist within a single chassis. The Model S hasn't proved to be the best-selling EV in the world, but it has the clout of one in part because it was the first EV to combine all of those attributes. However, once the rest of the automakers saw the untapped potential Tesla uncovered, that reign was destined to fall.

Those sentiments seemed to come true when Porsche announced that the sexy Mission E Concept, which coincidentally bears quite a resemblance to the Model S, would go on sale. But it was Jaguar that stole the show when it unveiled the I-Pace Concept and made the same announcement as Porsche-that it would be up for grabs in a couple of years.

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Not only did it have the style, luxury, range, and affordability factor as the Tesla when it hit the stands at last year's LA Auto Show, but it was also branded with a respected badge and being a crossover, was designed in the versatile body style buyers can't seem to shy away from. On paper, it looked to be a Tesla killer, and it has the preorders to back that up. But how about in practice? Take it from Simon Patel, the program manager for the I-Pace as he takes Auto Express on a tour of LA in the company's latest EV, this thing is ready to steal hearts and put a stake in Tesla's.

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