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Here's Proof The New Acura NSX Isn't Worth $200,000

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The market has spoken.

Only a year or so ago, the hype over the imminent launch of the second generation Acura NSX was huge. It debuted as a concept back in 2012, so it took quite a while to reach production. Once it finally went on sale, there were a few anxious buyers who happily handed over checks for over $200,000. Unfortunately for them, that was a mistake. Why? Because the NSX isn't selling well and in an effort to boost sales, Acura has been dropping the price tag.

According to Rob Ferretti, aka Super Speed Rob, owner of Gotham Dream Cars, it's possible to buy a brand new 2017 NSX for $139,000 with just two miles. You read that right. So what's going on here?

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Ferretti figured something like this would happen over a year ago for a few reasons. First off, the NSX took too long to reach production, but that's not the main culprit. Second, it was overpriced to begin with. Problem is the NSX simply hasn't lived up to the great expectations of the original. It's a great car, no doubt, but it shouldn't have been called NSX. Aside from lacking a manual option (not a huge deal considering today's industry trend), its handling and overall feel aren't quite up to par. Ferretti predicted all of that over a year ago, and today he gets to gloat. But he also has a few suggestions for Acura on how to make the NSX better.