Here's Proof The 'Puking' Guy At The Nurburgring Was Faking It


We knew it was too good to be true.

A few days ago we brought you video of a high-heeled woman driving a BMW E92 M3 around the Nurburgring with such audacity (or lack of skill) that it made her male passenger puke. We suspected it might be a publicity stunt as the car in question was part of The Ring's Big Garage rental fleet. Bridge to Gantry, a blog that covers the track, and one of its readers, Peter van Dongen, have confirmed our suspicions that this was a clever marketing stunt. New close-up photos show the scene and its participants, confirming the ruse.

The passenger is apparently a driving instructor for Big Garage named Hannes, who appears on the company's website under its "Coaching and Instructors" page. The lady driving the car is decked out in the company's shirt and even appears on its Instagram page. So, did you fall for the stunt or did you smell b.s. right away? The ploy definitely worked as the video has over 67,000 views in two days and was passed all around the Internet. Big Garage should have known that on a track as watched as the Nurburgring you can't get away with such fakery so easily.

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