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Here's Proof The Toyota Supra Is Way Faster Than Advertised

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Just how much better is the Supra than Toyota is claiming?

The fact that the Toyota Supra is really just a well-disguised BMW Z4, which it shares a platform, engine, and many components with, is pretty easy to spot, especially when looking under the hood and finding that it has BMW logos on some of its parts. But looking at the coupe's 155 mph top speed is another dead giveaway since BMW, along with many other German automakers, habitually makes its cars' components robust enough to hit that exact top speed.

And then there's another BMW trait the Supra seems to have adopted: sandbagging its horsepower figures so that the car is actually more powerful than advertised. In theory, that shouldn't really change the Supra's top speed since manufacturers usually limit their cars so they don't hit speeds greater than their parts are designed to handle.

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That limit, however, doesn't seem to have made it over to the Supra if this video is to be believed. The video, shot by YouTuber L'argus, shows the Supra going on a run to test its acceleration and top speed. Its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, which makes a claimed 335 horsepower, accelerates quickly and eventually makes it to the Supra's 155 mph top speed.

And then it goes past that, not relenting until it hits 263 kph (163 mph). The fact it hits that speed in 30 seconds is only part of what's impressive. The other part comes from the fact that the Supra is hitting that speed at redline in 6th gear despite having two more gears to go.

The test driver upshifts to see if the Supra will deliver any more power, but by that point, the electronic nannies are already at work preventing the coupe from going any faster. That raises the question of whether the Supra can go even faster with its stock engine if the nannies are removed and its parts are swapped out for components with higher speed tolerances.