Here's Some Kickass News About The GT-R That Will Make Supercar Fans Smile


The R35 may not go out without a fight.

The bad news is that we have to wait a few more years for the next Nissan GT-R to hit the road. The good news is that the R35 won't just sit idly as the years go by. Phillipe Klein, head of Nissan's product planning, spoke with Top Gear and hinted that there could still be some juice left to squeeze out of the current GT-R. "You know, it's a never ending quest. There is still development potential there, always." Those two sentences make us think there's more in store for future R35s than just exterior and interior upgrades.

Top Gear asked about the rumors of a four-door Godzilla, and Klein quickly and efficiently dashed the hopes of supercar sedan fanboys everywhere. "GT-R is a very close concept and positioning in the line-up. When you have these kinds of assets, you are not trying to dilute the asset." Some think Infiniti could be the answer, but we all know how scared it is of the GT-R's engine. So, to recap: More power is possible and a four-door is dead. Sounds good to us!

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