Here's The BMW X7 Concept Before You'e Supposed To See It

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About 24 hours early, to be precise.

Only yesterday BMW revealed a teaser image of the X7 SUV concept, further promising to redefine "luxury with something big on September 8th." Well, someone couldn't wait an extra day and decided to leak official images of BMW's three-row crossover concept. The BMW X7 Concept certainly looks the part of a large Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV, in BMW-speak) and based on what we can tell from these images, the concept looks nearly production ready.

Save for the usual concept favorite slender side mirrors, extra-large wheels and some headlight modifications, you're looking at nearly the real deal. Right now, of course, we don't have any specifics to give you, but that'll change within the next 24 hours or so. A ton of fresh images will be revealed as well. We'll also be on hand next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show to see the X7 Concept in the flesh and speak with BMW executives about the automaker's biggest SAV ever. In the meantime, let us know what you think of BMW's latest halo luxury vehicle.

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