Here's The FIRST Sighting Of The All-New BMW 3 Series M Sport

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Now if only we could catch the M3 out testing...

It'll be a while before BMW takes the wraps off the next 3 Series (the G20), say some time in the middle or later part of 2017. Until then we have to rely on our spy photographers to help bring the new model into focus. Pictured here is the new 3 Series M Sport testing. Unlike the last 3 Series our spies saw on the street this one is more fully formed and features things like actual side skirts and a gas cap door. The beefy brakes and camouflaged M Sport front bumper give this 3 Series away and reveal it for the almost-M car that it is.

If you need more proof then check out the decklid spoiler, lowered suspension and rear diffuser. That squared dual exhaust also screams "sporty" too. Other than that there's not a lot we can gather about how the design of the G20 3 Series will evolve. It's probably safe to assume that, like with the new 7 Series and 5 Series, the next model will take a small styling step forward as opposed to one giant leap. That's not such a bad thing. The look of the lights will obviously change and the interior should be getting a tech-focused overhaul. BMW will be moving the next 3 Series onto its lightweight cluster architecture, known as CLAR. This will cut weight, which in turn will make performance models even more fun to throw around.

Expect a range of powertrain options, including a fully electric model. That's right, BMW will be fighting the Tesla Model 3 with the car that made the number "3" a thing. The earliest we expect to see the G20 3 Series is at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. We wouldn't be shocked if BMW waited longer, say until the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall, to debut the newest version of its most iconic model.

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