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Here's The Gorgeous Corvette Grand Sport That'll Pace This Year's Indy 500

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It doesn't get much more American than this.

On the final Sunday of this month, May 28, the 2017 Indianapolis 500 will take place and the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport will lead the pack as this year's official pace car. The automaker has just revealed these beautiful shots of said car, and further added this occasion marks the 14th time a Corvette has served as the official Indy 500 pace car. The first Corvette pace car was in 1978. Furthermore, this is the 28th time a Chevrolet vehicle has been chosen to be the official pace car.

This specific 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is equipped with the Z07 package, featuring meaty carbon ceramic-matrix brake motors, Brembo Carbon Ceramic brake system, magnetic ride control, carbon-fiber ground effects package, unique Grand Sport wheel design, and Indy 500 graphics. Power comes courtesy of the familiar LT1 V8 with 460 hp and mated to an eight-speed automatic with paddle shifters. With a 0-60 mph time of 3.6 seconds and a 1.2 g cornering capability, the Grand Sport can only be bested within the Vette lineup by the mighty Z06.

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But, in many ways, the Grand Sport trim is better suited for many, simply because the Z06, as awesome as it is, might be a tad too much to handle. In any case, you'll see the Corvette Grand Sport pictured here later this month as it does its thing straight from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.