Here's The Last Mercedes-AMG Project One Teaser Before The Big Reveal

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The wait is almost over.

Without question this will be one of the biggest and potentially game-changing reveals in Mercedes-AMG history. This Tuesday, Mercedes-AMG will finally unveil its highly anticipated Project One hypercar. Powered by Formula 1 technology, the Project One is literally a race car for the road, and will pack over 1,000 hp and achieve a top speed of over 217 mph. And before that big reveal, the German automaker has released one final teaser image, once again showing off the rear end only this time with more specific details.

A few things to take note of here: that large roof-mounted scoop is clearly visible and, as expected, the rear glass has been ditched in favor of a pair of massive NACA ducts and air vents. Why? Because something needs to cover the Formula One-derived 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine. The image also provides a glimpse at the taillight styling and, like with F1 cars, there's a single central exhaust along with two smaller exhausts specifically for the wastegates. Only 275 examples will be built and it's already sold out in the US. Full details and specs will arrive very soon and we'll bring you live photos directly from Frankfurt. Stay tuned.

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