Here's The Latest On The Porsche 911 Hybrid Rumors

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Porsche is still hard at work developing a new hybrid variant of the 911.

Despite complaints from enthusiasts who still haven't accepted turbocharging, Porsche is currently working on adding hybridization to its models. The reveal of the flagship Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid shows Porsche's commitment to hybrids, which will soon extend to its most legendary model, the 911. Automotive News reports that Porsche may introduce a high-performance variant of the 911 with hybrid power part way into the 8th generation's life cycle. Porsche is planning to reveal the 8th generation 911 towards the end of 2018.


It seems inevitable that a 911 hybrid will happen, and some people at Porsche say that it has the potential to be the best model in the 911 range. Porsche still had some trouble during the development phase, so the engineers who have confirmed these plans have asked to remain anonymous. The engineers are still working on reducing the weight of the batteries while still retaining an electric driving range of 40 miles. The goal is to achieve the required range and weight without compromising the handling of the car. Porsche says that the next generation 911 will allow the integration of a hybrid system and will keep options open regarding engine specifications.

Porsche has already said that it doesn't see how it could pair a hybrid car with a manual transmission, but so far it hasn't mentioned what type of engine could be used. Judging from what we know about the upcoming Mission E and the success of the 918 Spyder, we would expect Porsche to use a turbocharged engine with hybrid power. We were initially thinking that a hybrid model would slot near the bottom of the 911 range, but as the details keep coming in, it seems like this hybrid model has the potential to be one of the fastest 911s on the market.


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