Here's The Latest Way "Fast And Furious" Will Make Money

Because business is business.

Since “The Fast and the Furious” debuted in 2001, the franchise as a whole has earned nearly $4 billion worldwide at the box office. After the massive success of “Furious 7,” star Vin Diesel has already confirmed that “Furious 8” is on the way. In fact, co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have already stated they’re coming back as well. But Universal Studios wants to keep the money rolling in with the franchise in addition to the movies. Presenting Fast & Furious – Supercharged, a new ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Described as a 360 degree experience with hydraulic tech that’s similar to Disney World’s Star Tours, you’re right there as Dom Torretto chases Owen Shaw through the streets of LA. Several other “Furious” characters also make appearances. But everything is somewhat toned down compared to the moves. It’s a kids’ ride after all.

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