Here's The McLaren P1 You'll Actually Be Able To Afford

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Batteries included.

McLaren isn't afraid of new technologies, having previously acknowledged that it's actively developing all-electric tech for future road cars. We'll probably see more hybrid models, like the P1, in the near future. However, it turns out that McLaren is further along with an all-electric P1 than we previously thought. In fact, the Woking, UK-based supercar company has already released official pictures and details of the vehicle. But now it's just released this new video of the P1 EV testing.

Is it a potential game changer? Depends on how you look at it. Should Ferrari and Lamborghini have cause for concern? Also depends. Regardless, the all-electric McLaren P1 is here and it's probably going to be an awful lot cheaper than you thought.

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For now, however, McLaren hasn't released any official specs. We're guessing its 0-60 mph time may not be quite as fast as many are expecting, but that's still to be determined. As for top speed? Well, check out McLaren's latest official video. It'll give you a good indicator as to how fast this thing can go.


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