Here's The Official Reason Why Furious 9 Is Delayed Until 2020

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The Rock will steal Vin Diesel's thunder in 2019 instead.

Following the blockbuster success of "The Fate of the Furious," or Furious 8, it was widely expected Furious 9 would be on its way soon. It is, but as we just learned, it's been delayed a year, until 2020. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the official reason for the one-year delay is because the studio, Universal, wants the Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Jason Statham spin-off to happen next. Due in July 2019, these two stars will have their own movie and word has it franchise star and producer Vin Diesel isn't exactly thrilled.

The Rock is stealing his thunder once again, but this spin-off actually does sound promising. Chris Morgan, the screenwriter for all of the films since 2006's Tokyo Drift, is already at work on the spin-off that'll focus on Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, the former assassin/bad guy turned good guy. Johnson has only been a part of the Furious family since 2011 when his character, Luke Hobbs, made his first appearance. Since then he's become a major fixture, a fact that we know led to friction with Vin Diesel. While the two stars reportedly settled their differences, the fact that Johnson will have his own movie as well as an appearance in the main films, could revive some hostility.

Another reason for delaying Furious 9 until July 2020 could also be due to the studio's desire to accommodate director Justin Lin, who helmed four previous Furious films, starting with 2006's Tokyo Drift. Who would have ever thought that when the original film, (itself a remake of 1987's "Point Break") The Fast and the Furious, came out in 2001 the franchise would still be going strong nearly 20 years later.

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