Here's The Process The Ultra Wealthy Undergo To Spec A Bugatti Chiron

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Not even remotely close to how you would option your dream GT-R online.

For the vast majority of the world population that can't even hope to afford a copy of the $2.9 million Bugatti Chiron, the process behind getting one may be a complete mystery. We always hear about the seemingly infinite ways that one can customize a six figure plus car like a Rolls-Royce Phantom or an MSO McLaren, but the Bugatti Chiron holds a bit more mystique to it. Thankfully YouTuber Salomondrin uses his connections to get into Manhattan Motor Cars in New York to undergo the process.

He brings along Pedro, his trusty companion, to help film the process and give us more of an idea of how some of the world's luckier people entertain themselves. Along with the typical Salomondrin debauchery, we start by finding out just how many color schemes can be chosen for the car as well as the background materials one can layer the colors against.

Unfortunately, despite his ability to get inside the Bugatti portion of the dealership, a hitch with the tablet used to finish optioning the Chiron causes the process to end prematurely and given that there isn't even a real Chiron in the dealership (a small scale model stands in its place) there's no where else to get an idea of what his dream Bugatti would look like. Be sure to tune out at the 5:50 mark unless you want to see Salomondrin and his gang visit a jeweler that makes supercar keys more expensive than the car it starts. Be warned, Salomondrin tends to speak with a lot of NSFW language.

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