Here's The Real Reason That Chevy Is Attacking The Ford F-150's Credibility

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It's all a part of GM's master plan to steal Ford's long-held crown.

Usually when the war between Ford and Chevrolet heats up, it involves muscle cars, lap times, and drag strips. However, a recent assault on the Blue Oval by Chevy could be signs of changing tides. As much as each company would love to sell the best muscle car it can, it's the truck market that holds all of the cash. As we've noted before, the reign of the Ford F-150 has been a lengthy one; it's the best selling vehicle in the US and a huge moneymaker. Ford seemed to secure that title for another generation when it debuted the current F-150.

This truck is made of aluminum and was supposed to save weight while yielding better fuel economy, but Chevy begs to differ. A recent advertising campaign shows an F-150 having its bed, the same one made of softer and lighter aluminum, being destroyed by undergoing various kinds of jobs that one would expect a truck to be able to handle. Meanwhile, the Chevy Silverado bears the same torture test and comes out without a punctured bed. It may seem like a low blow to go after the F-150's weak spot, but as Automotive News has speculated, it may be because Ford is losing its grip on the full-size truck crown. Despite what Ford's record-breaking sales numbers say, the F-150 is having a bit of a hard time selling lately.

Currently there are over $11,259 dollars in incentives for the F-150, an increase of over $1,000 since GM went on the offensive with its ads. Meanwhile, Chevrolet is offering no more than $8,250 in incentives for the Silverado. The advertising campaign may be swaying some buyers over to GM's offerings, but stealing a few customers is only the beginning of the plan. Ultimately, Chevy wants to steal Ford's crown. Even though it plans to build the next-gen Silverado, slated to come out in 2018/2019, out of aluminum, it claims that the bed will be stronger by ensuring that crucial areas are made of stronger metals. For now, GM has a large mountain to climb, but mountains are conquered one step/commercial at a time.

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