Here's The Rendered Next-Gen Mitsubishi Lancer That'll Never Become An Evo


How sweet this could have been.

Sadly, the Mitsubishi Evo won't be around much longer. Life support is only temporary at this point. Just over a week ago, we saw the first image of the final Evo special edition in concept form. It's scheduled to debut later this month at the Tokyo Auto Salon and will feature matte black paint, chrome detailing, and a gloss finish roof and rear spoiler. Power will come from a modified 2.0-liter four banger with a new HKS turbocharger and ECU update. It all sounds wonderful but it's still sad knowing this is it.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has now come up with a couple of images of what the next generation Mitsubishi Lancer could look like based on various reports. Picture this car with the Evo treatment. Could be pretty sweet. Too bad it'll never happen.

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