Here's The Story Of How The Dodge Challenger Demon Came Together

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And a juicy few tidbits about the parts that make the muscle.

Dodge has the unique luxury of being the sole contender in the segment of factory-ready drag racing bullies, especially so given that Ford and Chevy seem more concerned with lap times rather than straight line performance. This could have permitted Dodge to slack off and be content with the market share thrown its way by modern lovers of classic muscle car dimensions, but instead it decided to create a class of its own and excel at it as if the competition was hot on its heels. The result? A Demon. Literally.

As the world seems to now know well, the Challenger Demon has arrived from the gates of hell ready to attack and carve out its own path to success. Some have reprimanded it for having a skillset no longer in high demand, but this isn't for them.

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Like Trump's worst nightmare, the coal miners are being replaced by gargantuan turbines and sun-saluting panels while the muscle car has been traded for Nurburgring lap times and lift to downforce ratios. But there's reasoning behind Dodge's decision and to clarify its position, Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Head of Passenger Cars, takes a moment to talk about the non-logical reasons behind the Demon's creation while alleviating some of the confusion over its hardware. Don't worry if your head is spinning, the Demon is kind of intended to do that, a fact we learned when an overly excited FCA executive said, "the first drag race occurred as soon as the second car was built" as if on drugs.

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