Here's The Supercar Clarkson Took On His Final Lap Around The Top Gear Test Track

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Place your bets now.

A few days ago we learned Jeremy Clarkson did one last lap around the Top Gear test track. He shared a photo of himself standing in front of a Mercedes-AMG GT S, a Ferrari LaFerrari and the new Ferrari 488 GTB. So, what car did Jezza take around the track? (We voted for the LaFerrari.) Autoevolution has the answer: the 488 GTB. Two charitable blokes each put up £50,000 ($155,995 USD total) to ride along with Clarkson.

The three were joined by Nick Mason, Pink Floyd's drummer, who provided the LaFerrari. The money went to The Roadhouse in Camden, an organization that works to help 11 to 25 year-olds reach their full potential in the arts, music and media. According to Autoevolution the story will break in British media in a few days so we'll have confirmation then. Should the report be true, what do you think of Clarkson's choice?

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