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Here's What $60 Million's Worth Of McLarens Looks Like

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Woking gathered an unprecedented array of its supercars for this photo shoot.

McLaren doesn't make cheap cars. Some are more expensive than others, sure. But you're looking at six or seven figures to pick one up, no matter which way you look at it. This gathering, however, is something else entirely.

For this one photo, the British racing team turned supercar manufacturer brought together an unprecedented lineup of 23 exotic automobiles. Their combined value: about £50m, or over $63 million at current exchange rates. And that right there is a whole lot of carbon fiber, ringing the pond outside the McLaren Technology Centre.

Now as you might have guessed, even without looking at the photo, this isn't simply a gathering of McLaren's standard road cars. 23 examples of the entry-level Sport Series would "only" come to $4.6 million, and even that many Speedtails (McLaren's most expensive model) wouldn't get it to $60-plus million. So in with the production road cars, Woking mixed some highly valuable rarities.

There's a Speedtail, of course, and a Senna. Plus a P1 and a P1 GTR. There's a McLaren F1, too – the prototype known as XP5. And the very first MP4-12C as well, which was the model that put McLaren Automotive on the map.

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There's some racing cars, too, like a 720S GT3 and a 570S GT4 – but not a priceless Formula One car among them. And then there's the special editions, like a 650S Can Am, 12C 50th Anniversary Spider, and 688HS, and a couple more MSO specials. The rest of the field is made up of production models: Coupe and Spider versions of the 570S, 600LT, 650S, 675LT, and 720S, as well as the new McLaren GT (and a 570GT).

No SLRs, though, which McLaren made for Mercedes last decade. Part of Woking's history it may be, but it's not a chapter it's especially keen to highlight.