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Here's What A Face Swap App For Cars Looks Like

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Why would anyone do this!?

Viral FaceApp application is a smartphone program that takes a user's picture and uses artificial intelligence to alter the image and depict what they will look like when they are older. It became infamous after it was alleged that Russian programmers built the app to steal photos from people, so a safer bet is Snapchat's face swap feature. As its name implies, the feature cleverly takes a photo with two people in it and merges the face of one user with the features of the other user to make it look like they have swapped faces.

As fun as it is to use on a smartphone, it's arguably even more fun to use that kind of feature on a car to create mashups the industry will simply never see. That's the inspiration behind the rendering we see here.

Drawn up by J.B. Cars via Instagram, this piece of art depicts the face of a Lamborghini Urus pasted over the body of an Audi TT. Yeah, we know, this is about as unconventional as it gets, but why not have fun when given the opportunity? And because both the Audi TT and Lamborghini Urus are products of the Volkswagen Group, J.B. Cars made sure to add other easter eggs from the brand's portfolio, like wheels and mirror caps taken straight from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

And though the parts merger is hardly a clean-cut relationship, what's interesting to us is how good the Urus' face looks on the TT. The Audi, like most Audis do, ends up relying on a few straight lines that connect to one another through sleek curves. The Lamborghini's silhouette, on the other hand, is a network of straight lines connected to each other by wide angles that seem to encourage a hexagonal shape.

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The main issue with the design, however, is how unrealistic it is. Because the Urus is a high-riding SUV (even though it is technically a super SUV), its face looks too tall and blocky for the TT's sleeker proportions. But at least we can dream….or have nightmares. It depends on how you see J.B. Cars' design.