Here's What A Jaguar F-Type Successor Might Look Like


It may be good to be bad, but it would be even better if this beauty reached production one day.

As we mentioned in our discussion of the Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake, Jaguar has quite a long history as a maker of performance cars. Of all the sporty cars it's made, though, perhaps the most famous are the various 'Types' that Jaguar has produced: the dominant C-Type and D-Type racers, the gorgeous E-Type (also known in the States as the XKE) and today's raucous F-Type. Even though we're still a way off from the F-Type's replacement, it's tempting to imagine what a future Jaguar 'Type' sports car might look like.

It seems Sangmin Lee, a student at the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom, has also been pondering that same thing. After all, he's created an entire series of sketches and renders that show what he'd like to see from an upcoming Jaguar performance coupe.

We also wouldn't be surprised if Lee is also a big fan of the beautiful Jaguar D-Type racing car, as he references that car quite a lot in his design study project - not only is this car dubbed the Jaguar 'D(squared)-Type' , but several design details (a long hood, the large asymmetric dorsal stabilizer fin, and short overhangs front and rear) are all inspired from the fabled endurance racer that won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans three years in succession between 1955 and 1957. Other details, though, are brand new for a Jaguar 'something-Type' sports car.

The rear wheels, for instance, are fully enclosed in a bid to improve airflow around the back, and the canopy is formed from a transparent ceramic material instead of conventional glass. Perhaps our favorite detailing on Lee's Jaguar design study, can be found on the various lighting systems - not only do we quite like the strip that wraps around the rear bumper (a neat evolution of the rear light arrangement on the original D-Type), but the Jaguar emblems on the front grille and the dorsal fin are also illuminated. Yes, they're not groundbreaking features, but having the leaping cat emblem light up is a nice touch nonetheless.

Whether Jaguar does indeed take inspiration from this stunning design study remains to be seen, though we wouldn't object to the next Jaguar sports car having a passing resemblance to this. And, going on his current portfolio of work, we're certainly confident that Sangmin Lee has a pretty exciting future as a car designer ahead of him.

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