Here's What A Marussia Supercar Could Have Looked Like Today

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If the company hadn't gone bankrupt, that is.

We were always fans of Russian sports car company Marussia. Appropriate name, right? Totally, but the company, founded in 2007, sadly folded in 2014 despite some valiant efforts to stay afloat. But it wasn't meant to be, and creations like the B1 and B2 are now history. Aside from the distinctive design language, both of these supercars were powered by a Cosworth V6 with over 400 hp. The price tag for each car was, more or less, a decent $140,000. During its short life, only a few thousand cars were built, and the chances of its revival are slim to none.

But Russian design student Maxim Shershnev still has hope. He's created an all-new Marussia concept, the B3, and we dig it. The digital images clearly show a car that's been inspired by its predecessors, such as the angled front headlight design and overall stance; it's simply an evolution of the B1 and B2. Power could come from a variety of sources, such as Cosworth, but if Marussia were still alive and well we'd bet it would be venturing into the world of hybrid and EV tech, just like everyone else is these days. But overall, this reborn Marussia is what could have been, and it's a real shame the B3 will (likely) never become more than these cool renderings. Photos courtesy of Maxim Shershnev/Behance.

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