Here's What Death By Mob Assassination In An Old Mercedes-Benz SL Looks Like

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Leave no evidence.

Right, so this 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL is for sale. Fantastic car. At least it was. Judging by these images, there are several things to note about its current state. Like what. The. Hell. Happened. It's rusted. It's crusted (there's definitely layers of disgusting covering it), and it's missing a few important things. Where's the hood, the entire front end, trunk and, holy crap, the rear wheels and chassis? Also looks like a decent amount of the engine is still intact but it's far from working condition.

The only traces of an interior are a steering wheel and partially intact dash. Overall, this 230SL is in a sorry, sorry state, but that's not stopping someone from asking $8,950 for the thing. No joke. The seller is the Beverly Hills Car Club. Apparently old SLs are worth a lot of dough, even one that looks like its occupants were the victims of a mob assassination. Beverly Hills Car Club calls it a "very desirable project car...will require full restoration or can be used as a strong parts car." That's all fine and good but $8,950? Way more than we'd ever consider paying. Photos courtesy of Beverly Hills Car Club.

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