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Here’s What Ford’s Upcoming Focus-Based Small Truck Could Look Like

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Maybe a little less Focus and more Ranger, perhaps?

A few days we learned that Ford plans to launch a new next-generation Focus-based small pickup truck in the US for 2022. The automaker has yet to officially confirm this, but the source of the rumor is solid. In addition, such a vehicle does make an awful lot of sense given America's love for pickup trucks.

If such a vehicle does arise, it will be slotted below the upcoming 2019 Ranger pickup truck in size, price, and general capabilities. Remember, it will ride on a car-based platform, meaning front-wheel drive and, very likely, all-wheel drive as well.

Another fact worth pointing out (again) is that Ford will essentially kill off its US car lineup over the next couple of years. The demise of the Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion have been confirmed. However, the US will receive the upcoming Focus Active, a raised version of the all-new Focus hatchback. Think of it more as a crossover. And to further utilize this platform will be the aforementioned small truck. What will it look like?

These renderings courtesy of graphic artist Kleber Silva, via Behance, offer up a potential early preview. Again, they're renderings that don't come from Ford, so we honestly have no clue what Ford designers have in mind, exactly.

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However, these rendered images do take into account many of the new Focus's design traits, specifically its front end. Would a design like this work in the US? We're not entirely convinced. We think Ford needs to go more aggressive, more truck-like. Fine, use the Focus's platform, but the final design shouldn't look anything like a Focus. It needs its own flavor. So while these renderings are a good start, there's more work to be done. As to what will be under the hood, that same rumor source believes it'll be Ford's new three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost with either 148 or 180 hp. Power will go to the front or all four wheels through either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.