Here's What Happened Before That Crazy Road Rager Put His Pistol In A Biker's Face


So much for "feeling threatened" by a biker gang.

Just yesterday we shared a video from YouTuber Subliminal Moto showing an extreme case of road rage. The biker was riding on a public street in a group when a truck full of guys began flipping them off and hurling insults. When Subliminal Moto went to investigate the source of their ire he was greeted with a gun. Now we said the original video might not tell the whole story. Well, this new video seems to round things out a bit. It shows what happened before the gun was pulled.

Yes, some members of the group change lanes without signaling and one guy does wheelies in the dirt median, but overall everyone is pretty well-behaved. At no time did anyone seem to be threatening the group in the Chevrolet Silverado (the pistol packers) or anyone else on the road.

The driver of the truck took it upon himself to call Fox 5 in Las Vegas (where the incident took place) to defend his actions. He said he "felt threatened" by the group's aggressive riding. He also said the original video didn't show the entire story. Well, what does he think about this new video?

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