Here's What Happens When 2 Lost Goats Get A Ride Home In A Cop Car

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Animals make everything funnier. Especially goats.

Belfast, Maine, police officer Daniel Fitzpatrick didn't expect this to happen when he went out on patrol a few days ago. According to CBS News, Officer Fitzpatrick responded to a call about two "intruders" who found their way into a woman's garage. Turns out those intruders were a pair of pygmy goats who somehow got loose from their nearby home. They committed no crime, other than snacking on cat food that wasn't meant for them. So Fitzpatrick did what any good police officer would do:

He put them in the back of his squad car with the help of a cat leash and began driving around town looking for their home. To help make that task easier, Fitzpatrick took a couple of selfies with the fury pair and posted them to Facebook, hoping someone would recognize them.

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Sure enough, the daughter of the goats' owner saw the post and arranged to pick them up. Named Louis and Mowgli, the goats provided Fitzpatrick "good company" for a few hours and left some fur in the back seat. Fitzpatrick loved having them as his temporary partners so much that he joked about adding patrol goats to next year's police budget.

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