Here's What Happens When Carpooling Goes Horribly Wrong

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We hope he brought a bathing suit.

So we've all heard of carpooling, right? It's definitely an efficient way to save gas and get lots of people to the same destination in an economic way. Not to mention it's also friendlier on the environment when there are less cars driving on the road. We encourage it. However, in Sweden it seems as if they have a different idea of what it means to go carpooling. How do we know? These images from Sweden pretty much speak for themselves. All jokes aside though, you might be wondering how this Volvo ended up in a family's backyard pool.

Our Swedish isn't the best but from what we understand a young driver who may have been driving under the influence ran a red light, drove off the road and somehow found himself going for a swim. Thankfully no one one was in the pool at the time and the driver was not seriously hurt. Photos courtesy of Ljungdahl.

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