Here's What Happens When You Crush A Turbo Spinning At 100,000 RPM

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YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel strikes again.

The simple things in life are often the ones that deliver the most pleasure, which might explain why the Internet gobbles up videos of cats in costumes, dogs having bad dreams, and car components getting crushed by a hydraulic press. Strange as it may be, YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel has over 1.5 million subscribers who like to witness everything from electric guitars to bowling balls getting crushed by the powerful 100-ton press. The team once even crushed carbon fiber components that could have been turned into a unique display of art.

This time the curious experimenters at the Finnish factory got their hands on a turbocharger.

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The unit in question is a custom 400-HP VNT turbo made by Turbotohtori that, thanks to popular demand and a hint of curiosity, was sentenced to a shortened lifespan. With turbocharger turbines spinning as fast as 150,000 RPM or more once spooled up, there's sure to be some drama involved in this public execution. Without being attached to an engine (probably because it was crushed in an earlier video on the channel), the turbocharger won't spin, so the team hooked it up to an air compressor to make the spectacle more dramatic. Had enough? The Hydraulic Press Channel didn't think so either, so they crushed a small remote controlled Bugatti Veyron while it was happily drifting around in circles.

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